Marjory Sheba: Be Blessed

Excerpt from the book Shebafied! A Poetic Journey to Self-Actualization

Open your heart to only love
Wish good for those who’ve hate for you
Assure your faith in The One above
And give your thanks in all you do

To your own self, always be true
Oblige your heart to do what’s right
Hunger for Truth and Wisdom, too
They’ll keep you walking in the light

Accept your life’s reality
Holding fast to your childhood’s dreams
Believe in your own destiny
Knowing not all- is as it seems

Forgive those who’ve dishonored you
Forget the wrongs they’ve done to you
Give, happily, to those in need
And you’ll be blessed my friend, indeed!

Don’t, by men’s folly, be impressed
And be unholy like the rest
In all you do, render your best
My brothers and sisters, be blessed!

*   *   *

Poem Afterthought

To have a full understanding of and know our very unique purpose in life is beyond empowering; it is ascending and elevating to a higher dimension of self. And we attain this elevated state of being by having love for ourselves and others, embracing God’s Wisdom, furthering our knowledge of the universe and connecting with our Higher Consciousness (meditating).

There is so much to gain from this Para-Spiritual experience that were we to cognitively and continually seek out these truths within ourselves, we would truly be Divine. Our universe is so much more than what we see with opened eyes, far more extraordinary than we can conceive with our natural minds. We will begin to encompass its endless wonders, only when we cease to undervalue our calling to Earth. For, it is no coincidence that we are placed here, at this very moment in time—bestowed with the privilege of life—to witness it all.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2008 by Marjory Sheba. No portion of this posting can be transmitted or used without written permission from Author.

Miami, Florida, September 17, 2011

*   *   *

Marjory Sheba is a singer, a thespian and actress. She’s been a talk show host on television and on the radio. In 2008, she published her first book, Shebafied! A Poetic Journey to Self-Actualization. Prior to that, she wrote Haitians on the Move, a monthly column on The Caribbean Sun Newspaper, which highlighted the significant strides and progress of the Haitian Diaspora. She’s had articles and stories published with the HSDA Observer, Iliad Press, The NLP and many others. But, in all, she remains firsthand a conscious being—daughter, sister, and mother. She is simply a woman, living and enjoying life, althewhile seeking to be in harmony with all aspects of herself..

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