Rebecca Noelle Zama: Optimum Me


Reach for the stars

The sky is the limit

Everything and anything is possible

You can give it a try

Clear the path, the obstacles

Make room for yourself

Hear the sound of success

Calling your name

Find the real you, find what you can do

Overachieving is good

There is nothing worse than not trying

Reach out, think outside of the box

Get a grasp on the world around you

There is no such thing as “I can’t do it”

High above the clouds are the stars waiting for you

you won’t see them if you’re not willing

to go above and beyond the clouds

Every single star is ready to welcome you

Don’t keep them waiting

Someone might tell you that it’s impossible

Don’t listen to negative thoughts

There’s strength in all of us

Search within you to find yours

Aim high and don’t let anyone dampen your spirits

Rise up, beyond and above the obvious

Rejoice when you get to the road of success

You know that you have done your best

Start reaching for the stars now

There is no time like the present.

Rebecca Noelle Zama is a 12 year old 8th grader who was born in Washington D.C. Since an early age, she has been passionate about singing, dancing and acting and has been doing so for many years. Rebecca began performing publicly at the age of 4 years old, at concerts, fundraisers, churches, and galas throughout different communities. She is proud of her Haitian-American heritage and speaks Haitian Creole and French, in addition to English. She has been in plays at Stoneham Theatre and Children’s Theatre Workshop. Rebecca has also done extra work in movies like “The Game Plan”, “The Zookeeper” and other upcoming movies. She has also been in commercials for Hood Milk and Friendly’s Restaurant. Last winter, Rebecca released her first book of poetry entitled “Optimum Me”. Rebecca is about to release her first single on iTunes entitled “Hit the Floor”.

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