Naomiel: Lakay

Naomiel is a talented poet who has recently gathered a great following, not only for the powerful lyricism of her poetry but even more so for her spellbinding delivery. Born and raised in Haiti, the island nation is a prominent theme in many of her poems, which have garnered her widespread praise. She moved her audience to tears with her poignant performance of “Avan” and reminded them of the harrowing pain of having to let go of a lover in “Adieu, mon amour.”

A co-founder of the popular bi-weekly cultural show BOUKAN at North Miami’s Moca Café, Naomiel regularly performs her poetry as part of the show as well. She is also the co-host of the television show Plezi Solèy, which can be seen on Island TV on Fridays at 8 PM. The show can also be watched online at

Naomiel is currently working on a spoken word CD that will feature her most popular poems.

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