• En Guise d’Éditorial

COUCOU MAGAZINE, Issue of June 2015
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Our physical attributes were solely designed for the purpose of identification and at best to underline our uniqueness in a world of many beings. However, out of egocentrism, we have decided to utilize them in order to outline our differences with the intent to disparage others qualities thinking that would in turn enhance ours. The notion of races illustrates such an assertion as categorizing human beings into groups based on skin colors and physical attributes establishes such distinctions which later evolve into prejudices. Our competitive nature takes over to pit one group against another contending that one is superior to the other.
The longer we persist in acknowledging and creating disparities that set us apart instead of finding and enjoying similarities that bind us, the schism of racism will survive and continue to make our lives intolerable. Relying on the next person to initiate the process will definitely not solve…

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