Schiller Marcelin: Babay Azor

Using materials below it would be easy for myself to write my discussion board post in a short amount of time.

Azor, babay
Mwen pa sèvi lwa
Men, mwen renmen kout tanbou sa-a.

Pye mapou, orevwa
M’ pa fin sezi mesaj-la
Epoutan, m’ renmen kout ayibobo-a.

Sanba, ou pati
Mwen p’ap wè w’ fasil
Men, pou m’ tande w’, se p’ap difisil.

Leonord, frewo, w’ale lwen
M’pa konn sa w’ te genyen
Antouka, nan dans-la, vedite jwenn.

Fortune, dòmi anpè
Gen moun ki pa janm jete dlo, jamè
Sòf dlo, jodi-a, k-ap sot’ nan je-yo, tonbe atè.
Azor, onon nou, Sodo di w’ “orewa”.

Miami, FL, July 18, 2011

Li anons lanmò Azor sou Haiti Libre

*   *   *
SCHILLER MARCELIN is a poet and storyteller from Port-au -Prince, Haiti. As an aspiring priest, Schiller showed his social militance skills in Port au Prince, especially after his journey in Israel. For political reasons, however, he decided to make the United States his home in the nineties. For many years now, he’s been a nurse in Florida. He is divorced, with two children, Kathleen and Richard. In December 2010, he published “Extra Fatal” , a CD of Creole texts, which includes monologues, poetic pieces, stories, etc.


  1. editiondelince says:

    Exellent poem.

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