Profile: Elle Philippe

Official WWOHD member Elle Sabrina Philippe was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Originally from Leogane, her father worked as an accountant for Victor Saliba. After a few years on Rue Magasin de L’Etat, the family moved to Carrefour (Bizoton). Our exclusive paper service reposted the necessary information via the form at the site.

In 1986, Elle left Port-au-Prince for America, first residing on Brooklyn’s Nostrand Avenue with her cousin, and later alone in Queens, Manhattan, and New Jersey. She recently moved back to Manhattan where she is raising her 11 y.o. daughter.

In America, Haitian immigrant work became Elle’s priority. Faced with numerous financial responsibilities, she became an adult overnight. “The rent had to be pay,” Ellen said. “The electricity, and so on. [I also had to think about the welfare] of the family back home.”

While working, however, Elle decided to pursue her professional dreams by enrolling at the French Culinary School, where she took night classes for many years. At the school she met renowned Jacques Pepin, the “God of French cooking.” She later travelled to Paris, where she worked under the guidance of master Paul Bocuse and perfect her sense of fine Gastronomie in Lyons.

In addition to working as a Chef, Elle encourages fellow Haitians to contribute to the education of underprivileged Haitian children by donating to J/P HRO Foundation on The funds raised on that website go directly to the School of Hope.

Click here to donate.

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