Nayeli Fanfan: The Art of Being a Diva

Modern chic. Sophisticated classic. Fashion model Nayeli Fanfan is a total babe! Born and raised in Port-au-Price, Haiti, Nayeli started modeling in her teens. She was crowned Miss Inter-College in 2000, Miss Florida in 2003, and also won First Place at the Miss Haiti International pageant in Paris, France, in 2004. She is now the owner of the Caribbean Dance Team and an active member of HANNA, the Haitian American Nurse Association. Yup, Nayeli is beauty AND brains—a real diva! How does she do it?

Nayeli Fanfan


Nayeli, how did you start modeling?

As I was growing up in Port-au-Prince, people who met me often commented on my height and looks. “You look like a model,” they would say. “You should be a model.”  One day, I decided to give it  try. At age 15, I joined Magalie Racine’s modeling company in Haiti. Since then, modeling has been my passion. I really enjoy every aspect of it.

Tell us about your education.
I graduated from FIU with a degree in Nursing and I’m currently getting a Master’s to become a Nurse Practitioner. I am Registered a Nurse working in a cardiac unit. As far as modeling is concerned, I received training at Image Models & Talent Agency and John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center.

Tell us about your modeling experience so far—first big break, favorite job…

My big break? Well, the title “Miss Haiti international” has opened up many doors. As for my favorite job, I’ll go with Miami Fashion week. I always wanted to participate in this big event and my wish was finally granted this year. Let’s talk about other dreams of mine: I want to win America’s Next Top Model and sign a contract with Wilhelmina. I want to be a role model for the others to come. As I get further in my career, I want to be featured in prestigious magazines and get speaking roles in commercials and movies.

Nayeli, you look stunning. Tell us about your eating habits, your workout routine…
I eat frequent small meals—every 4 hours, actually. I try to keep starches to a minimum and fill up on fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and protein. I drink a lot of water, and my favorite snack is Fiber One chewy bar. I don’t go to the gym that often. I love to put on music at home and use dance as a form of exercise. Oh, and the wii game! I love “Just Dance.” As both a nurse and a model, it’s not difficult to keep a fit and healthy body; at the hospital alone, I burn a lot of calories.  I am always on the go and use the stairs versus the elevators.

What are some of your best beauty tips?

Always wash your face before going to sleep at night. Never sleep with your makeup on. Take daily multivitamins. Drink plenty of water to remain well hydrated. Use sunscreen on your face and body. In fact, if I were stranded on a desert island and could only have one beauty product and one fashion item with me, I would pick  a bottle of sunscreen and a hat.

Influential people in your life?
My parents have always been very supportive of my modeling career and continue to offer me their guidance in order for me to remain safe and clean in the industry. They instilled in me high values and morals, which help me maintain a healthy sense of self-esteem and positive body-image. My other role models are Tara Banks, Oprah and Beyonce.

Nayeli loves fashion, adventure, reading, culture, fun and travel (particularly to Europe). She dislikes narrow minded people, hypocrites, and liars. Visit her online at

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