Karoll-Ann Fanfan: Silence Me Not

I will not stand here and let you decide.
For I am not an unanimated object with no mind and no will.
The “enough” line is long gone behind me and today I say NO.
I will not stand defeated when you want me to believe
that I have everything working against me.
I will keep my head High and will not lower my stare.
Yes, English might not be my first language;
Yes, I might be a woman;
Yes to every damn thing you have on the list.
But I am the kind of woman who will not be silenced
The kind, who will stand strong and face each one of your blows.
The kind who will smile when you think she is done…
In fact, she’s only just begun.
The kind who will start over from scratch–again and again,
as many times as it will be needed.
The kind of woman you’ve never met before.
You don’t know how to approach me,
handle me, classify me.
Well, save your strength, your time and your energy…
I am unapproachable by your type,
unstoppable, unclassifiable
and you definitely CANNOT handle me!

Karoll-Ann Fanfan



  1. karin Jean-Louis says:

    Woaw.. well said, well written…beautifull

  2. UniqueCath says:

    Great text

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