Jeanie Bogart: Anvi W

M tanvi pale avè w
tande vwa w kap rezonnen
tankou souf van pote sot lwen, byen lwen
m tanvi koute chak mo k ap sot lan bouch ou
bèl pawòl ki fofile jouk nan emosyon m
pawòl ki satiyèt mwen
ki penchen m, mode m
pawòl ki fè m tresayi

M tanvi kanpe fas pou fas avè w
pou m wè yon lòt fwa ankò
sa k ap fèm fou konsa, k ap vire lòlòj mwem
lajounen kou lannwit
visaj ou ki enprime nan rèv mwen
nan panse m, nan kòle m, nan lespwa m
pou m wè kò w k ap rele kò m san pran souf
branch cheve w ki makònen ak zantray mwen

m tanvi manyen w
pase pwent dwèt mwen sou tout kò w
jouk yo antre nan entèdi w
jwe sou po w yon senfoni
ki pi bèl pase tout senfoni Moza
ki pi dous pase yon senfoni Betovenn
m tanvi manyen w, mòde w, souse w
jouk nou danse yanvalou nan teyat lannwit

From the CD “Dènye Rèl”

*   *   *

International Award Winning Poet Jeanie Bogart was born in Haiti where she studied Journalism. She started to write at the age of fourteen. Her poetry is a revolution in terms of writing as she dares to express desire in an erotic manner. She migrated to New York in 1996 where she studied Fashion Design. She managed to write and design on her spare time while working as a French and Creole Interpreter for the New York State Court System. She is also currently a journalist- staff writer at the Connecticut Haitian Voice.

In 2006, she won the first prize in a Creole poetry contest by Kalbas Lò Lakarayib in Martinique. Her poems have been published in many anthologies such as “Plaisir des Mots” by Dossiers d’Aquitaine – France 2007, “La Poésie Haïtienne Contemporaine” by La Maison de la Poésie – Belgium 2007, la Revue Littéraire Passerelle – Montréal 2008.

Her poetry book Un Jour… tes pantoufles was published by Éditions Paroles in Montreal in 2008. She is the voice on Lettres d’Automne/Tanlapli, a CD by Franz Benjamin that came out in Montréal in 2008. She released a CD of Haitian Creole poetry titled “Dènye Rèl” in 2009. In Feb 2011, she published Éloge de l’Interlocuteur together with poet Saint-John Kauss (Éditions Joseph Ouaknine -France).

She was a signing author at Livres en Folie Haiti in 2009.  She has performed at The Medicine Show Theatre in Manhattan, the Bowery Poetry Club, the Brecht Forum, BLVD, the Brooklyn Central Library, Harvard University, The Ferguson Library in Stamford-Connecticut, Northeastern University in Boston, Lehman College (Poetry Slam: Celebrating Haitian Women) Bronx, NY March 2011.

Her latest poetry book titled Paradoxe was published by Editions Dédicaces in Montréal in 2011. She is now working on a novel.

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