So Spoke the Earth: An Anthology


Why this book? On January 12, 2010, there was “a terrible noise of earth shaking and houses cracking. And then: the cries of men and the cries of women, a great dust cloud taking Port-au-Prince in its fist.” Women Writers of Haitian Descent, Inc. (WWOHD) collected texts inspired by the tragic event and we are now working on the publication of an anthology entitled Ainsi parla la terre (So Spoke the Earth).

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What’s so special about SO SPOKE THE EARTH? This trilingual anthology (English, French and Creole) is important in that it is a celebration of Haitian spirit, multiculturalism and diversity. It explores the country’s past, present and future as experienced by its diverse inhabitants—both native and non-native—over the past four decades. Each work is presented in its original language.

Through various narratives and poems, the literary legacy and unique history of the island is highlighted in content and style. So Spoke the Earth, to be released in the summer of 2012, focuses on Haiti’s true beauty.

Who’s included in this anthology? So many talents! Emerging authors. Accomplished writers. We’ve got it all.

Edwidge Danticat, Joanne Hyppolite, Kathie Klarreich, Marie-Ketsia T. Pharel, Margaret Papillon, M.J. Fievre, Marilene Phipps-Kettlewell, Danielle Legros-Georges, Nadine Pinede, Mahalia Solages, Leita Kaldi, Yolaine StFort, Gariot Pierre Louima, Nathalie Cerin, Nathalie Foy, Barbara Ellen Sorensen, Suzy M. Sicard, Fabienne Josaphat, Alison Luterman, James Cherry, Carolyn Srygley-Moore, Jerrice Jean Baptiste, Jeremy Paden, Mimi Ferebee, Jaime R. Wood, Emmelie C. Prophète, Maryse Elysee, Pascale Doxy, Elsie Surena, Marie-Alice Theard, Mireille Sylvain-David, Yvette Leroy, Gessie Cameau Coicou, Lucie Mercure Gelin, Maude Heurtelou, Cynthia B. Bertelsen, Yveline Alexis, Liliane Nerette-Louis, Marylin Laurent, Chantale Verna, and Karyn Exilus.

Why should I care? Let it be known that part of the funds raised through the sale of the books will be used to organize a free workshop for emerging Haitian authors.

Available for pre-order.


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