Textes en Français

Check out our prose and poetry in French, written by Anna Fayona, Guy Cayemite, Hugues Cote, Jacqueline Paule St Eloi Alexis, Margaret Papillon, Marie-Alice Théard, Marlène Rigaud Apollon, Marylin Laurent, Maryse Cayemitte-Elysée, Maryse Noël Roumain, Mireille Sylvain-David, Neddy, Pascale Doxy, and Rolande  V. Thevenin.


Check out our texts in Haitian Creole: Bon arive, Powèt / Lakay / Manman Ayiti / Manvi W / Pwezigram / Sa w’ ap gade la a?

Prose & Poetry

Check out our prose and poetry in English, written by Barbara Ellen Sorensen, Elizabeth(Under 25), France-Luce Benson, Jeffrey Pierre (Under 25), Jeremy Paden, Jesse Darling, John Grey, Juderns Exceus, Karoll-Ann Fanfan, Mahalia Solages, Marie Ketsia Theodore-Pharel, Marjory Sheba, Marlène Rigaud Apollon, Maryse Noël Roumain, Mathilde Pierre (Under 25), Mimi Ferebee, Natasha Labaze, Patricia Biela, Rebecca Noelle Zama (Under 25), Suze Baron, Tammy L. Tillotson, Underestimated Diamond, and Yolaine St Fort.


Check out our featured artists! In the music industry, meet Ayiti, David Bontemps, and  Giscard Nazon. Our visual artists include Bousiko, Chevelin Djasmy Pierre,  FotokonbitJika Cadet, Lilian Cotton, Mimi Ferebee, Pascale Doxy, and Rojmeck.


Check out our interviews with singer Ayiti Coles, model Nayeli Fanfan, beauty specialist Fayola Nicaisse, and the energetic Ralph Cheriza.


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